SkinStore uses Coherent Path predictive tool

Gold River, Calif. – Specialty online health- and beauty-care retailer SkinStore is using predictive technology from Coherent Path to help deliver personalized offers that build long-term customer loyalty. The cloud-based Coherent Path solution is designed to enable retailers to understand the trajectory of customer journeys and deliver the products, offers and experiences that drive satisfaction, loyalty and customer lifetime value.

This optimal product mix changes for each buyer, and over time. This lifelong ‘journey’ inspires customers to buy more from the same retailer, and in turn, to try new products, often with greater value. Campaigns can be delivered through any channel – email, Web, mobile, direct mail, and in-store –with Coherent Path’s orientation toward strengthening customer relationships during the long term.

“Our customers value the breadth of products, information and advice available at,” said Steve Brown, COO of SkinStore. “Coherent Path allows us to better understand each customer’s needs and interests and to deliver the personalized offers and experiences that resonate and build trust. As a result, we see increased customer engagement and revenue from Coherent Path-guided campaigns.”


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