Sleepy’s and RedPrairie extend supply chain platform

Atlanta -- Global supply chain solution provider RedPrairie Corp. said Tuesday that Sleepy’s, The Mattress Professionals has signed an agreement to use RedPrairie Warehouse Management, Workforce Management, Transportation Management and Fleet Management solutions for its distribution centers and delivery fleet of almost 400 vehicles.

Mattress retailer Sleepy’s has worked with RedPrairie since 2002. The company is updating and expanding its use of RedPrairie WMS and WFM in seven distribution centers with almost 600 employees. It will also start using RedPrairie’s TMS and Fleet Management to better serve its customers, especially during the retailer’s peak weekend and post-weekend delivery periods.

“As Sleepy’s continues to expand into new geographic markets and across the Web, we remain focused on providing unparalleled customer service,” said Don Rowley, executive VP and CIO at Sleepy’s. “RedPrairie’s integrated enterprise solutions will help us to meet customer demands across our entire supply chain ecosystem, from sourcing all the way through to customer delivery.”

Sleepy’s plans to integrate RedPrairie’s WMS, WFM, TMS and Fleet Management to provide visibility into anticipated inventory, labor and delivery service levels throughout the supply chain. This will help Sleepy’s to better manage its inventory and distribution center workforce levels, and make its fleet management system more agile to rapidly meet changing customer delivery requirements. Sleepy’s will also use RedPrairie’s TMS and WMS to manage parcel deliveries of Web orders for its bedding, pillows and fabrics.

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