Solomo launches Solomo Exchange 2.0

Madison, Wis. --  Solomo Technology Inc. has launched Solomo Exchange 2.0, a comprehensive platform for location analytics and mobile engagement enabling rapid implementation and management of smart locations. With a smart location, retailers can activate devices and sensors to realize analytics, build and measure campaigns and enhance engagement across a facility, multi-floor building or entire organization. Consumers are given complete control of their personal identity and location information.

“In today’s hyper-connected mobile world, consumers expect increasingly personalized in-location experiences and we expect that not just when we shop, but when we travel, in the office, at sporting events, basically in all aspects of our life.” said Liz Eversoll, founder and CEO of Solomo. “Today, you wouldn’t build a Web site without analytics; in the same vein you want your location to have an equivalent level of intelligence.”  


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