Sona automates warehouse management

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. -- Sona Enterprises, a direct wholesaler/distributor of more than 3,000 SKUs to gift shops, travel agencies, camping and hiking outfitters, auto dealerships/parts stores/repair shops, jewelry and convenience stores, has improved upon manual warehouse management procedures using the AcellosOne warehouse management system (WMS). Where previously Sona had relied upon individual warehouse associates stocking its directly sourced private-label goods wherever they fit with minimal tracking or oversight, now the company automates management of receiving, breakdown, putaway, picking and shipping.

Using automated paper-free processes and radio frequency (RF) communications technologies, AcellosOne tracks stock into, out of, and within warehouses, streamlining and verifying processes with each movement. Specific benefits have included picking merchandise within an hour of arrival; minimal training of new associates as compared to the previous multi-month learning curve; no guesswork about product location; and faster and more efficient picking and putaway. In addition, the warehouse handles more orders per day with fewer fulfillment or shipping errors and there is a better view of fast and slow product turns, orders and returns, and stock levels are kept current which enables better purchase decisions.

“The warehouse is well organized and our pickers work fast and error-free by following instructions on their handheld screens,” said Sudeep Patel, IT expert for Sona. “The software is definitely having a major effect on Sona’s business.”


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