Spanish retailer improves sales with IBM’s predictive analytics software

Rome IBM announced that Neck & Neck, a children's clothing retailer in nine European countries with more than 200 stores, is using IBM predictive analytics software to maximize customer relationships and improve the overall business.

Using IBM predictive analytics, Neck & Neck has effectively targeted sales promotions, improving campaign response rates by more than 25% and increasing the average amount of consumer purchases by 15% in one year.

With IBM predictive analytics, the retailer can now leverage and analyze large amounts of customer data instantly on profitability, purchasing, demographics and buying behavior from its Club Neck loyalty program to improve segmentation, and discover and connect the most profitable customers with its marketing campaigns.

"IBM predictive analytics software has helped our organization improve business through better customer behavior prediction,” said Julio Eugenio Quinonez, business intelligence manager, Neck & Neck. “We have now learned how to find the best variables, such as customer profitability, to help us effectively reach customers most likely to purchase and also encourage customers who haven't purchased from our organization in a while to do so with the right promotion."

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