Sport Chalet, Los Angeles

Sport Chalet has opened its first urban retail concept, at the renovated FIGat7th center in downtown Los Angeles. Sleek and contemporary looking, the 27,000-sq.-ft. store puts the emphasis on education and training, with a dedicated central area, the “Expert Center,” for classes and clinics. It’s designed to facilitate customer interaction with in-store experts on any topic, ranging from bike repair to the area’s best surfing spots.

Designed by Gensler, the new store features an innovative, streamlined material palette. Contrasting the natural warmth of wood against blackened steel, concrete and glass, it embodies the clean lines and modern aesthetic of industrial downtown Los Angeles.   

At almost half the size of Sport Chalet’s existing one-stop-shopping format (42,000 sq. ft.), the urban concept carries a targeted selection of sporting equipment. But customers can shop all of the chain’s offerings via iPad systems, which are located throughout the store.

Design: Gensler, Los Angeles

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