Staples and Parago partner for incentives and rebates

Lewisville, Texas Parago said Thursday that Staples has extended its relationship with the rewards solution-provider, naming Parago as its primary incentives partner.

Staples and Parago have been working together for more than 10 years, developing, driving and delivering rebate programs. The Easy Rebate program enables customers access to deals, with paperless submission, choice of rewards and quick payment.

“Staples’ drive for the best customer experience and Parago’s innovative technology and delivery have been a great combination, and one that we are excited to continue,” said Mike DeSanto, senior VP sales & operations, Staples, Framingham, Mass. “We are very proud of our Easy Rebates program for making it easy for our customers and look forward to continuing to grow and enhance the program with Parago.”

Staples and Parago introduced an aggregated vendor-managed program in 2000 followed by an integrated online rebate center in 2002, enabling customers to find and track their rebate submission online. In 2004, Staples took a leap forward, delivering completely paperless rebate submissions called Easy Rebate.

In 2009, Staples began delivering rebate rewards on Parago’s open loop prepaid cards -- making reward funds available for immediate use and skipping the trip to the bank for consumers. Most recently, Staples launched with Parago’s patented ClickChoice, allowing customers to choose their reward from open loop prepaid card, Staples gift card and check and, soon, PayPal for selected programs.

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