Staples begins New Year with Better Binder intro

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — It’s not the latest iPhone or the newest Tablet, but Staples is touting a breakthrough in binder design for the New Year.

The Staples Better Binder boasts removable FileRings which the company contends make it the first such product to offer a feature that allows users to detach the rings from the shell for easy filing.

To archive binder files, those resolving to get organized in 2013 slide off the FileRings from the reinforced Better Binder shell, while keeping papers and files organized. The Better Binder shell hangs in any standard filing cabinet or box, and can be reused by adding a new set of FileRings.

“As the most trusted office products brand, Staples is the leader in delivering new products that fill unmet needs and make the workday easier for our customers,” said David D’Angelo, SVP, Staples brands. “The new Better Binder with removable FileRings is a perfect example of an innovative twist to make one of our products even more useful and effective.”

Guaranteed for life, the Better Binders’ poly-covered shell is made with a durable, flexible spine to withstand heavy use, allowing it to be reused. The shell also includes interior pockets for extra storage. The D rings open easily and hold up to 25% more than standard rings.

The 1-inch Better Binder with removable FileRings is now available in black, white, red, green and blue covers exclusively on the Staples website.

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