Staples: Many Canadian back-to-school shoppers want online options

Toronto, Ontario – More than four-in-10 (44%) Canadian back-to-school shoppers want more online options. A new survey from Staples Canada, the Staples Back-to-School Annual Study, also indicates that 70% of Canadian back-to-school shoppers consider a back-to-school budget important.

The survey also uncovered a number of regional differences in back-to-school preferences, such as:

  • Shoppers in British Columbia are the least inclined to bring their children along for school shopping (55%) whereas consumers from the Prairies are the most inclined (72%).
  • Shoppers in the Atlantic provinces are more likely to shop for supplies in June (51%) than Quebecers (28%).
  • Although Maritimers seem to welcome early back-to-school shopping, they are the most likely to find the season stressful (67%) as opposed to only 41% of Ontarians.
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