Starbucks releases 13th Global Responsibility Report

Seattle -- Starbucks on Wednesday released its 13th Global Responsibility Report, which highlights the company’s progress on long-term goals for community engagement, sustainability and ethical sourcing. The coffee giant also announced the launch of its fourth annual Global Month of Service, with Starbucks employees, customers and community members once again coming together to help contribute more than one million community service hours per year by 2015.

Starbucks will collaborate with more than ten organizations for Global Month of Service projects including Alaska Airlines, King Soopers, Deloitte, and Fidelity Investments. This year, Starbucks will also collaborate with global clothing retailer Uniqlo to co-host community service projects in five cities around the world.

Highlights of Starbuck’s Global Responsibility Report include its commitment to the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program. Since opening its first LEED certified store in Hillsboro, Ore., in 2005, Starbucks has expanded its LEED store program to 18 countries in 2013, and is now in more regions than any other global retailer.

In other report highlights, Starbucks notes that it ethically sourced 95% of all coffee through C.A.F.E. Practices, fair-trade, or another externally audited system, moving closer to its goal of ethically sourcing 100% of all coffee by 2015.

“As 2015 comes into view, we recognize this is not the end of our commitments but just the beginning of how we take the lessons we have learned and apply them to our future direction,” said John Kelly, senior VP, global responsibility and public policy. “Everything we have done helps to inform our ongoing responsibility to the communities we serve and to do so in a way that brings others along on this journey with us.”

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