Starbucks, Seattle

Starbucks has debuted its in-store Reserve coffee bar concept in downtown Seattle.
The new store combines the educational aspects of the company’s Reserve Roastery format and its rare small-lot Reserve coffees within a traditional Starbucks setting, complete with such regular coffee and Frappuccinos.
It’s estimated that Starbucks locations with the Reserve bar will make up 20% of the company’s global store portfolio over time.
The store design offers a casual Pacific Northwest ambiance mixed with mid-century modern tones, with a threaded ceiling that echoes the Harbor Steps of the locale.
“We focused on preserving the bones of the space with the columns and the areas of concrete,” senior designer Bret Lewis said. “We tried to have some restraint, so we could highlight character elements. That’s true to Seattle – it has an elevated industrial vibe, but it feels warm.”
The design team also focused on the sensory experience.
“When you walk in, you’ll hear the grinding and tamping of coffee from the manual espresso machines,” senior designer Bret Lewis said. “You’ll have a clear line of sight to the baristas with a long, low bar.” 
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