Stella & Dot selects GT Nexus for supply chain visibility

San Bruno, Calif. -- Stella & Dot has selected GT Nexus to serve as the company’s end-to-end global supply chain visibility platform. The specialty jewelry retailer will leverage GT Nexus to help sustain its pace of business growth by standardizing processes and delivering visibility into the status of inventory from the moment goods are ordered through delivery to global distribution centers.

Thus customers will receive extended visibility into orders to know exactly when their goods will arrive, while Stella & Dot and its partners will benefit from a collaborative environment that enables everyone in the chain to operate as a single strategic network, opposed to a series of individual parties.

Stella & Dot will utilize GT Nexus cloud-based solutions to perform activities including factory management, work-in-process tracking, P.O. distribution and collaboration, and supplier collaboration.

“Maintaining our current pace of growth requires operational excellence in our supply chain to ensure efficiency and meet consumer demand,” Arun Kumar, VP of operations at Stella & Dot. “We needed a platform we could grow with. With GT Nexus we are able to move our supply chain to the cloud and operate as a global network. We now have a highly automated environment where we can track and manage orders and inventory across our global partner network. This is a strategic initiative that will directly impact our ability to serve customers and help expand internationally.”

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