Stop me if you heard this before

Delinquency trends in Target’s credit card portfolio just keep getting better. During April, the percentage of accounts 60 or 90 days past due sank to their lowest level of the past three years. Only 2.4% of accounts were 90 days past due during April, compared with 2.6% in March and 2.9% in February. Throughout most of 2009 and early 2010, the 90-day delinquency rates was above 4% and approached 5% at times.

The number of accounts 60 days past due sank to 3.3% in April, compared with 3.6% in March and 4% in February. This rate had been above 6% for most of 209 and hovered around 5% for much of last year.

The ongoing improvement in the composition of credit portfolio and the diminished write-down exposure that comes from it is occurring as Target is looks to attract potential buyers for the business.

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