StopLift introduces self-checkout security tool

Cambridge, Mass. - StopLift Checkout Vision Systems is introducing the Self-Checkout Accelerator, which is designed to immediately flag unscanned merchandise at the checkout and alert the attendant before the customer leaves the checkout, improve customer service at the self-checkout, and prevent false alerts and interventions.  

Self-checkout companies such as NCR and Fujitsu have already been working with StopLift to directly integrate their self-checkouts with the Self-Checkout Accelerator system, which also prevents false alerts, e.g. a purse on the conveyor belt.

StopLift’s Scan-It-All system finds any incidents of scan-avoidance, where merchandise is not scanned or rung up before being given to the customer. This includes incidents which could be mistakes by the cashier or customer at self-checkout, as well as items left in the shopping cart.

As soon as a scan avoidance incident occurs, StopLift, which constantly monitors 100% of the security video, flags the transaction as suspicious. It reports the incident, identifying the cashier or customer. The technology eliminates human review of video, reduces and deters fraud at the checkout, and improves profitability. StopLift develops targeted applications to address the specific needs of retailers from different sectors including general merchandise, grocery, and specialty retail.

“Retailers always suspected that self-checkouts would be highly prone to scan-avoidance, and our technology has certainly found this to be the case,” said Malay Kundu, founder and CEO. “Using the incidents detected from their own stores, retailers are now able to train staff on the signals indicating when customers are either having problems using the self-checkout or are exhibiting suspicious behavior.”


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