StoreBoard Media Canada teams with Staples Canada and Zellers

New York -- StoreBoard Media announced Tuesday that its licensee, StoreBoard Media Canada, has added Staples Canada and Zellers to its in-store billboard network, which offers marketers an opportunity to advertise their brands on security pedestals located at entranceways and in other high-traffic areas of stores.

The pair of agreements will add nearly 4,000 security pedestals to the StoreBoard Canada network.

“StoreBoard Media offers a great opportunity for us to ‘dress up’ our security pedestals with colorful, attractive advertising of interest to our customers while providing a stream of incremental revenue,” said Rui Rodriguez, national director, loss prevention for Staples Canada.

Jennifer Zedic, marketing director, Zellers, added: “We like the StoreBoard Media concept and their track record of success, and are pleased to be able to add our large customer base to the advertiser impressions that StoreBoard can deliver to marketers.”

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