Stuart Weitzman taps VendorNet to step up e-commerce with store fulfillment

Boynton Beach, Fla. -- VendorNet, a provider of cross-channel fulfillment technology, said that international footwear designer and retailer, Stuart Weitzman will launch VendorNet's StoreNet Ship-from Store software to integrate its store inventory for e-commerce sales and fulfillment to save sales on the web and in stores.

"The ability to leverage our network of store inventory to augment the online experience provides significant added value to our customers. We will minimize out-of stocks, and satisfy customer demand at their desired point-of-purchase, which is a key factor in delivering an enriched experience for today's cross-channel shoppers," said Phil Kodroff, VP distribution and MIS at Stuart Weitzman. "The nature of our products implies a relatively high average order size, so out-of-stocks due to imperfect inventory allocations by location can have a significant impact on bottom-line sales. By exposing enterprise-wide inventory online and in all stores, StoreNet will enable us to capture revenue that would have been lost."

Stuart Weitzman's U.S.-based stores will be live with StoreNet in May.

StoreNet's ability to integrate with a retailer's existing retail systems infrastructure allows for rapid deployment. Likewise, a simple store interface minimizes the impact of in-store fulfillment.

StoreNet routes e-commerce orders to stores when the direct-to-consumer warehouse is out-of-stock. Through StoreNet's order allocation engine, an order is dynamically routed to the best store suited for fulfillment based on business intelligence such as the sell through rate at the item level by store, and a variety of other retailer-defined business rules. Store associates access orders through an intuitive web-based/mobile interface that guides store associates through the fulfillment process including automated pick lists, packing slips, shipping labels, and carrier manifests.

“StoreNet will help us ensure we deliver the complete shopping experience including seamlessly fulfilling orders regardless of the sales channel,” Kodroff said. “If our warehouse or a store is out-of-stock, we can leverage StoreNet to route the order to another location for fulfillment. We don't disappoint our customers, and we optimize our inventory, a win for our customers and our bottom line.”

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