Study: Kroger top gas retailer in customer satisfaction

Boulder, Colo. — Kroger is the highest ranked gasoline retailer for customer satisfaction among American consumers. According to a new study of 5,300 consumers from Market Force Information, Costco and Quik Trip tied for second, Sam’s Club ranked third, and Murphy USA, which operates standalone stations and on-site stations at Walmart Supercenters, was fourth.

Market Force found that more than one-third (37%) of consumers are willing to drive past a competing brand to fuel at their favorite gas station brand. Study participants said they’d be most willing to drive past competitors to fuel up at Costco, Sam’s Club, Kroger, QuikTrip and Speedway. However, just 18% would always choose their preferred gas station over other options, even if the price were higher.

Those polled for the study said they visited Shell more than any other gas station in the past three months, but that’s largely due to the brand’s ubiquity. Shell has more than 25,000 branded locations across North America, while other brands included in the study have a fraction of that many locations. Market Force also saw Shell’s market share decline by 6% compared with the findings from its 2013 study, and Walmart’s dropped by 8%.

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