Study: Lack of reporting tools hinders e-commerce

Jacksonville, Fla. - A lack of robust reporting tools that can give a 360-degree view to all aspects of a customer purchase and profile can seriously hinder e-commerce growth and optimization. A new study of 4,346 e-commerce marketers conducted by MarketingSherpa and sponsored by EBay Enterprise company Magneto shows that companies with a testing and optimization strategy based on extensive historical data saw higher median conversion rates than those that test based on intuition, best practices or don't test at all.

However, e-commerce margins tend to be holding steady or rising for most companies engaged in e-commerce.

"We know that marketing budget size and resource challenges are the most significant barriers to growth for fast-growing companies, and that driving qualified site traffic is critical for success," said Steve Denton, VP of EBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. "It is vital for marketers to accurately measure and constantly compare results to benchmarks like these to make sure you are maximizing your marketing spend.”

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