Study: Only 17% of specialty retailers offer dedicated mobile site

Las Vegas -- In a study of 75 online specialty retailers, only 17% of the companies offered dedicated mobile websites.

“While conventional wisdom dictates that most retailers have created specific destinations within the mobile channel, this study shows that many specialty retailers, especially those in the small-to-midsize revenue category, have yet to join the move towards mobile,” noted J. Michael Moores, director of e-commerce solutions at Briteskies, Las Vegas. Briteskies, which helps B2B and B2C companies seamlessly integrate e-commerce solutions and enterprise software, sponsored the survey.

The study examined current specialty online retailers from a variety of industries and verticals. Specialty areas include electronics, pet supplies, health and beauty, educational supplies, food, gifts, clothing, sporting goods, hardware, and automotive, among others.

“Many retailers struggle not only to define their mobile strategy, but also to ensure that the content and design in the mobile channel support that strategy, all while working within the limitations that exist with some e-commerce platforms,” Moores added. “Luckily, a wide range of e-commerce solutions are available at this stage of the game to help retailers create a compelling and functional mobile-specific destination without breaking the bank or incurring significant costs or IT down time.”

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