Study Says Retailers Should Integrate Supply Chains

Miami, According to “Retail Demand 2005: Emerging Consumer Desires in the Retail Sector,” a study released today by Adjoined Research, nearly 80% of consumers use physical stores, on line, and catalogs interchangeably. This is up from 57% a year ago, according to the independent research study.

In addition, the study identified Wal-Mart and Target as the top-performing retailers in the mass merchant industry; Neiman Marcus in the department store category; Coach in apparel stores; and as the top-performing Internet merchant. The study recommended that retailers begin integrating supply chains across all channels in order for them to remain competitive.

“The bar continues to be raised for retailers to remain competitive today,” John A. White III, a managing officer in Adjoined’s Strategy Services - Products division, said in a statement. “Consumers expect all aspects of the retailer supply chain to work seamlessly with each other in order to deliver a single, united customer experience. The days of on-line vs. physical stores are behind us, and the champions will be those retailers that can integrate multiple shopping channels seamlessly and deliver the right products and services at the right price and time.”

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