Subway expansion by the numbers

Chain continues to grow at fast clip, opening 1,000-plus locations during first half of year

Subway continues to expand at a blistering pace. Since January, the restaurant chain has opened more than 1,000 new locations around the world, and crossed the milestone of 33,000 locations. New stores accounted for approximately 1.4 million sq. ft. of filled commercial retail space, while the total international store count shot up to more than 9,700 restaurants.

Domestically, the United States saw the addition of 490 new franchises, boosting total counts to beyond 23,000. States with high development activity include California with 66 new openings; New York and Texas with 42 each; Pennsylvania 26; Illinois 23 and Florida 20.

Outside the United States, Subway added 60 units in Canada, and 25 new franchises in Australia. Brazil saw 77 openings, while 27 additional locations opened in France. Other milestones were achieved in Taiwan and Russia with 100 locations each.

Activity was also high in Mexico and the United Kingdom, each with 37 new stores; China had an increase of 21; India with 19; and Japan and the United Arab Emirates, each with 15 new store openings this year so far.

In the non-traditional development category, the chain now has more than 7,500 locations in places such as airports, department stores, hospitals and park & recreational facilities.

But the most non-traditional of Subway’s non-traditional location is multi-unit franchisee Richard Schragger’s temporary store in Manhattan. For the next two years, it will be located on top of a crane, rising along side the construction of One World Trade Center -- also known as the Freedom Tower -- providing meals for construction workers as the structure rises 108 stories. At 1,776 ft., the tower will be the tallest building in the United States and one of the tallest buildings in the world.

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