Sunoco taps Action Services Group for high-rise sign relamping program

Aston, Pa. -- Action Services Group, a national lighting, sign and electrical maintenance company, announced a program agreement with Sunoco Inc. to provide sign relamping services, plus location asset-survey services, for their retail high-rise signs across specified locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

The retail high-rise signs, ranging in height from 35 ft. to 70 ft., will have all lamps and ballasts replaced under the program. In addition the program includes capturing site-location survey details such as sign height verification, ground conditions surrounding the sign, and longitude and latitude information.    

Also included in the program is the capturing of all location specific sign and lighting component asset-data and warranty information. This asset data will be data based in Action

Services Group's proprietary enterprise management system, ServicePoint Solutions and used for the efficient handling of any future sign and lighting maintenance needs.


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