Survey: Consumers like Firefly, won’t buy Amazon Fire

Seattle – Consumers like the Firefly feature that lets users of the Amazon Fire phone scan objects to obtain information and perform instant purchase on, but not enough to switch from their current phones to Amazon Fire. According to a survey of 53 consumers from UserTesting, 84% chose Firefly as their number one or two favorite feature of Amazon Fire.

Seventy percent ranked Firefly a 4 or 5 for ease-of-use (out of 5), and 39 of 53 respondents said they would use the feature again. Yet more than half of participants said they would keep their phone and not buy the Fire Phone.

The feature didn't work for every product tested, but when it did users said they thought it was useful. Users got it to work easily with objects with clear, recognizable logos, but it struggled with other things. Users said they can see the value of the product, especially once the database is even more robust.

Other findings include that the Carousel navigation feature was least easy to use with 40% giving it a 1 or 2 (out of 5), and least favorite with 81% ranking it their third or fourth favorite feature.  The MayDay customer help feature high ease-of-use scores with 32% ranking it a 5 (out of 5), but only 13 people out of the 53 said they would use this feature again.

In addition, in most contexts (home screen, with the display of apps, in maps) users said they thought dynamic perspective was "cool" but a little "gimmicky" and not especially useful. The exception was games, where they really liked it. The auto-scroll feature was good in theory, but didn't work well in reality (not responsive enough).


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