Survey: Executive consumers want easier online ordering

Shelton, Conn. – Executive consumers seek easier ordering when they shop online. According to a survey of 50 high-level executives who attended the Microsoft Dynamics Convergence Conference March 4-7 by EDI and e-commerce integrator Logicbroker, nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents said that ease of ordering is the most important part of the online ordering process.

One-third (33%) said that better communication is the area that e-commerce companies have the most potential to improve.

Other key findings from the survey included:

  • In addition to ease of ordering (72%), the speed in which orders are processed (10%) and the accuracy of orders (10%) were other areas that respondents said were the most important parts of the online ordering process.
  • Thirty percent of respondents said receiving the wrong product is the most frustrating part of the online order process, followed by little to no communication (24%) and slow shipping (24%).
  • While respondents thought better communication (33%) was the top area that could be improved in the online ordering process, the ability to return an item to a brick-and-mortar store (28%) and simpler shipping processes (24%) also registered high as areas for improvement.
  • The majority of respondents (88%) said that Amazon has the best shipping capabilities over Zappos (10%) and EBay (2%) because of its ease of ordering.

“It’s no surprise that consumers want online ordering to be painless,” said Peyman Zamani, CEO of Logicbroker. “The companies that serve these customers spend a great deal of time perfecting the products they offer but often neglect to look at the ordering process. Unfortunately, it only takes one negative experience to lose a customer and a late or delayed package, a lack of communication or a clunky ordering process could cause a customer to purchase goods from another company.”

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