Survey: Holiday shoppers support decisions with smartphones

Chicago -- Eighty-six percent of consumers plan to use their phones this holiday season, and it goes beyond looking up prices. Vibes, a mobile marketing technology vendor, revealed consumer research presenting the specific ways shoppers plan to use their mobile phones to check off their lists this holiday season.

Topping the list is looking up product information in order to trigger purchase decisions (53%) followed by finding specific store information such as location and hours (48%). Other key findings include:

  • For 53% of consumers, the No. 1 way they plan to use their phones this holiday season is to look up product information in order to help make the right purchase
  • For retailers to break through the noise this holiday season, consumers report the following resonate most to get them into a store:  
  • 44% want to receive compelling offers and discounts
  • 17% are looking for the best selection of products
  • 14% will look for the most convenient location
  • 13% want personalized offers/discounts relevant to their behaviors (earlier research from Vibes found that 89% of consumers would sign up for mobile messages if they were personalized)
  • 34% will use their phones as a mobile wallet to organize coupons and loyalty cards (earlier research from Vibes found that 44% of non-mobile wallet users claim a non-payment mobile wallet tool would enhance their shopping experience)
  • When it comes to using their phones to shop, 32% of consumers plan to make purchases on mobile websites, demonstrating the importance for retailers to develop omnichannel strategies



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