Survey: Mobile devices key to in-store shopping

Los Angeles – A majority of customers visit stores equipped with mobile devices. According to a new survey from mobile technology provider Usablenet, 70% of U.S., shoppers and 60% of U.K., shoppers have their mobile phone on their person in-store.

And 30% of U.S. shoppers use their smartphones to aid the shopping experience in-store, compared to 40% in the U.K. In addition, 77% of U.S., and 81% of U.K., consumers prefer to browse on smartphone but make purchases on a larger device, such as tablet or computer

Meanwhile, 67% of U.K., shoppers and 78% of U.S., shoppers do not bring their own tablets in-store, but prefer making purchases on them. Usablenet recommends that retailers should incorporate tablets into the store experience (both as self-service displays and store associate tools) to capitalize on this behavior.

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