Survey: Online shoppers just want to have fun

Austin, Texas – In addition to wanting to efficiently find and purchase products, online shoppers also want to have fun. According to a new survey from Compare Metrics and The E-tailing Group, 70% of shoppers want to go online to browse and have fun, but find current online shopping experiences uninspiring. When asked about their discovery experiences on top retail sites, shoppers gave a “mixed bag” average rating of six-out-of-10. Other key takeaways from the study include: • Shoppers have “fear of missing out” or FOMO: 73% of shoppers expressed some form of FOMO by having their product view artificially limited. They felt their searches were often misinterpreted and that applied “absolute” filters cut out product options they would have otherwise considered. • Too much stuff: 52% of shoppers felt that the majority of current websites have become overwhelming and that 64% of shoppers seek simplicity and a streamlined experience. • Burned by search: 70% of shoppers used browse-based navigation tools to discover the right product rather than the search box. When asked why, respondents said it was either because they disliked the navigation tool or they had become conditioned to use the search box for only very specific and limited queries. “Shoppers hunger for differentiation in product, site experience, store visits and navigation tools that allow them to find products in ways that align with how they think,” said Lauren Freedman, president and founder of the e-tailing Group.

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