Survey: Parents delay BTS spending and budgeting

WILMINGTON, Del. A new poll released by Chase Card Services has found that 55% of families have yet to begin back-to-school shopping, and 62% have not set a budget for back-to-school purchases.

"With a plan in place, parents are empowered to make the right decisions in what can often be a significant shopping season," said Tom O'Donnell, general manager Chase Card Services. "And there is no better moment to teach kids about planning and spending wisely than when the money is being spent on them."

Of the 38% of Americans who have set a budget for back-to-school shopping this year, 41% said their budgets are smaller this year as compared with 2009, the survey found.

The poll found that parents will be focusing on the basics, with 34% saying they plan to just buy must-have items. Parents also are looking to save with the following tactics: shopping at discount stores (59%), reusing school-related supplies (36%) and clipping coupons (24%).

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