Survey: Parents likely to play/spend once kids leave for school

Austin, Texas -- A Shoppers Trend report released by RetailMeNot found that, once kids leave the nest, parents are just as ready as their kids to start a new chapter in life. In fact, nearly three-in-four parents (74%) surveyed indicated they would do things differently once their kids leave the house, with traveling (42%), spending time with friends (37%) and pampering themselves (33%) topping the list of changes.

According to the survey, conducted in conjunction with The Omnibus Company, nearly eight-in-10 (79%) parents who say they would do things differently when their child left for school admit they'd make a major change such as moving, buying a TV or car, traveling or renovating their current home. Nearly three-in-four (72%) respondents who plan to make a major change indicate they would do it within six months of their child leaving for school.

Additionally, moms and dads react differently when their kids go away. The survey found that females are more likely to spend time with friends and pamper themselves, while males are more likely to buy material items after their children leave for school.

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