Survey: Retail hiring managers concerned about top-worker turnover

Chicago -- A survey released Wednesday by found that 45% of retail hiring managers are concerned that their top workers will leave the organization in 2012., CareerBuilder’s job site for retail professionals, polled 247 retail hiring managers and 654 full-time retail employees in November and December 2011. The survey was conducted by Harris Interactive.

Among the findings, 31% of retail hiring managers saw an increase in voluntary turnover in 2011. Of that group, 64% cited workers getting higher pay somewhere else as the main reason they left; 42% said employees felt over-worked and had no work/life balance.

“Retail workers are opportunity driven, and if the survey tells us anything, it’s that high-value employees are constantly surveying the landscape,” said Bill Meidell, director of “However, it’s not just about pay. Many retail professionals want a long-term, stable job with opportunities for advancement. Communicating career paths is crucial to retaining top talent and building a motivated team.”

Polled managers cited the following as their top staffing challenges: Being able to retain top talent (39%); being able to provide competitive compensation (35%); worker burnout (31%); maintaining productivity levels (31%); can’t find high-skilled applicants (27%); being able to provide upward mobility (22%); and don’t have the budget to recruit (16%).

Beyond salary and wage increases, Meidell said organizations can offer a broader range of perks and benefits to remain an attractive place to work. According to retail employees, the most important factors in evaluating a potential employer are:

  • Longevity/stability: 69%
  • Good work culture: 59%
  • Career advancement opportunity: 49%
  • Flexible schedules: 46%
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