Survey: Store associates would benefit from video training

San Bruno, Calif. -- Over 35% of respondents received no formal training, and 28% were asked to read a manual or a handbook, according to a recent study of retail store associates by Qumu, a provider of secure multimedia content management and delivery solutions. The survey also revealed that retail employees are looking for improved executive communication to provide them with a greater understanding of company strategy (57%), more connectedness to the company community (47%), and understanding of activity in other stores (46%).

The survey also put a spotlight on video training. Ninety-four percent of store associates recognize the benefit of receiving video training, suggesting that video is a ripe communication medium for retailers to embrace, according to the report. The associates outlined a wide range of benefits to training by video-on-demand as opposed to current training methods, including receiving training a time and location of convenience and when most effective (57%), increased sales performance (49%), better customer experience (44%), and better staff retention (47%).

"Video is fantastic way to engage people who work in retail stores," said Vern Hanzlik, senior VP and general manager, Qumu. "When you think about the demographic of store employees, you are looking at a huge number of 'digital natives' whose lives revolve around You Tube, social channels, mobile and connected experiences."


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