Target’s Jason Wu collection a sell-out

New York City -- Target Corp.’s launch of its latest limited edition collection, by designer Jason Wu, went off relatively problem-free compared with its Missoni launch last fall.

The 53-piece Jason Wu collection of dresses, skirts and accessories made its debut on Sunday, and flew off the shelves, selling out in stores and online within hours. Unlike with the Missoni launch (see related story here), however, the Target website did not experience any website outages. In a surprise move, the collection went live on the Target website in the early hours of Sunday (just past midnight), with was no official announcement about when the items would be available online.

"We're really proud with how the website performed," said Target spokesman Joshua Thomas, in the Minneapolis StarTribune.

However, shoppers expressed frustration about the scarcity of Jason Wu items, which was made worse by consumers who snatched up the goods in mass quantity. In one widely-reported account, a couple cleaned out a Miami Target of its entire collection in one fell swoop.

A reported 11,000 items were on eBay by the end of the day.

Despite the collection’s popularity, Target will not replenish its stores with additional products, except for returns.

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