Target partners with Metro unit for Quebec in-store pharmacies

Mississauga, Ontario -- Target Corp. is partnering with Metro Inc. subsidiary McMahon Distributeur pharmaceutique Inc. regarding the operation of in-store pharmacies at Target locations across Quebec. The partnership under McMahon's Brunet banner will provide pharmacies in the majority of Quebec store locations.

"We're pleased with the positive response we've received from guests at the 62 in-store pharmacies that are currently in operation throughout Canada , and look forward to delivering superior, patient-focused healthcare to our guests in Quebec," said Tony Fisher , president, Target Canada. "Brunet's reputation as a leader in promoting patient health and well-being, combined with its specialized product offering, makes Brunet the ideal strategic partner to help us deliver outstanding patient care in Quebec."

Under the agreement, McMahon, which is the franchisor of the Ed Brunet banner, will enter into agreements with pharmacist-owners who will own and operate pharmacies within Target stores across Quebec. McMahon will provide supply chain and inventory services as well as all the operational support to the Brunet franchised pharmacist-owners. The in-store pharmacies will carry Target-owned brands and provide guests with access to prescription, pharmacy and health consultation services.

"The agreement with Target provides an excellent growth opportunity for Metro's pharmaceutical division, particularly for the Brunet banner, as it enables us to significantly increase our presence, our purchasing power and our sales potential in Quebec,” said Eric R. LaFleche, president and CEO of Metro Inc. “In all, 18 new pharmacies, including 12 in the Greater Montreal area, will be set up by the summer of 2014, bringing the total of Brunet to 168.”

As previously announced, Target plans to open 124 stores across Canada throughout 2013 and will open its first 25 stores in Quebec this fall.


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