Target puts recycling bins in stores

Minneapolis Target Corp. said Tuesday it is putting recycling bins in all of its stores in an effort to gain green credibility among its eco-conscious customers.

According to Target, it does not expect the recycling stations will drive additional traffic to its more than 1,700 stores, but hopes the bins will help improve satisfaction for the customers who come in.

The retailer already has taken such steps as recycling or reusing items such as packing boxes and hangers to reduce waste in its supply chain.

Putting the recycling bins in stores for items such as plastic bags, beverage cans and bottles, mobile phones and MP3 players is one step Target is taking during April, which has been designated "Earth Month" and is a time when many marketers try to emphasize eco-friendly initiatives.

Target said it expects the recycling program to pay for itself, with the company being able to sell some of the materials, such as the plastic bags, to companies that will turn the materials into other products. Recycled materials will be sent back to Target's distribution centers on trucks already making deliveries to the stores.

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