Tealeaf study finds lots of frustration with mobile shopping experience

San Francisco -- More than 40% of online conversations about mobile shopping with the top 35 mobile retailers reflected customer frustration during the Thanksgiving weekend, revealing missed opportunities for leading brands, according to a report from Tealeaf. Even for the most successful mobile retailers, 41% of all online conversations indicated frustration with the mobile shopping experience at the outset of the holiday shopping season.

Tealeaf’s Mobile Shopping Experience Repor6 revealed that even the most successful mobile retailers have much room for improvement. While 58% of customer conversations touted the benefits of mobile shopping, 41% expressed complaints about the process as consumers wrestled with their inability to complete transactions, poor search functionality, inconsistencies between the online and mobile channels and other types of customer struggle.

“The stakes have never been higher for retailers to deliver a great experience on mobile platforms,” said Geoff Galat, VP worldwide marketing, Tealeaf. “However, this report shows that even the most successful mobile retailers are leaving money on the table by not addressing the things that can cause mobile shoppers to struggle and abandon. The data indicates a steep learning curve for retailers as they continue to optimize their mobile channels for a new set of customer experience challenges.”

Additional findings from the report include:

More than half (58%) of the negative conversations about mobile shopping with the leading mobile retailers focused specifically on customer struggle issues, including payment problems and search-and-sort problems; one-fifth (21%) called out features that would have made the experience easier for them but weren’t available.

Online conversations highlight top positives of mobile commerce, such as convenience, ease of use, time savings and instant deals. 

While more than one-third (36%) of the positive conversations praised mobile features and functionality, less than one-fifth (17%) stated mobile apps/sites were easy to use.

For the report, Tealeaf used Crimson Hexagon to perform advanced sentiment analysis of online conversations about mobile commerce with the top 35 mobile retailers worldwide, including the top 25 mobile retailers in the United States and the top 10 in Europe.

For more go to portal.sliderocket.com/AHJJM/Tealeaf-Mobile-Shopping-Experience-Report.

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