Tebow puts it on the line with furniture retailer

DENVER — Things may not be working out for Tim Tebow as a Jets quarterback, but he’s got something to fall back on. His foundation has entered into a third-year, multifaceted agreement with national furniture retailer Furniture Row Companies.

The agreement includes Furniture Row’s specialized home furnishings and bedding retailers Sofa Mart, Oak Express, Bedroom Expressions and Denver Mattress Company. As part of the agreement, Tebow will work with Denver Mattress again to raise funds for orphanage services via the Tim Tebow Foundation.

"The Foundation exists to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hours," explained Tim. "With the help of great people and amazing companies like Furniture Row, we will make a difference."

"Denver Mattress is pleased to be in a position to work with the Tim Tebow Foundation and to assist in their efforts to help orphans around the globe," said Dan Visser, president of the Denver Mattress Company. "Together with Tim's support, Denver Mattress can continue to positively impact lives worldwide."

The Furniture Row Companies is a family-owned specialty home furnishings and bedding retailer. It operates more than 330 stores in 31 states.


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