Tech meets analytics to help retailers enhance omnichannel strategies

CloudTags, an emerging omnichannel marketing technology company, has partnered with in-store analytics market leader Brickstream to create a comprehensive in-store data platform capable of analyzing physical store intent and behavioral data.

Retailers will be able to use the platform to gain insight on how real-world shoppers browse before buying, identify specific products shoppers are considering for future purchase and better understand the entire omnichannel path to purchase, including both online and in-store interactions. This data will be available on a connected and comprehensive dashboard that joint Brickstream and CloudTags customers can access. The dashboard integrates the data sets and analysis provided by both vendors.

CloudTags explained that its technology encourages shoppers to digitally interact with physical products by using tablets — provided by retailers in stores — which incorporate real-time content, reviews and recommendations to increase sales. The system determines the best combination of interest, location and timing to maximize the selling opportunity, according to CloudTags. Customers are asked to identify themselves at the end of the experience to give retailers access to the data they created in-store. This opt-in collection of in-store browsing data enables stronger re-marketing to shoppers, whether in person or via direct marketing afterward.

"On average, the CloudTags solution is engaging 10-15% of customers in physical stores. Using the intent data we gather in-store, we've achieved a remarketing engagement rate that is currently six times greater than personalized email campaigns as reported by our clients," said CloudTags CEO James Yancey.

Brickstream's in-store analytics technology delivers the equivalent of "clickstream" analytics for the brick-and-mortar world. Brickstream provides retailers with comprehensive information — which the company adds in non-biased — about their customers' in-store experiences, including how many have entered and exited, the path shoppers follow through the store and how long they wait. This detailed intelligence supports real-time decision-making related to areas such as operations, service and merchandising and helps retailers understand store performance within the context of their omnichannel strategies.

"CloudTags' innovative approach to collecting customer intent data is a natural complement to Brickstream's in-store analytics solutions, which capture highly accurate in-store behavior intelligence in real-time" said Steve Jeffrey, CEO of Brickstream. "The marriage of shopper behavior and intent data will empower retailers to achieve a much fuller understanding of the complete customer journey and funnel that insight directly back into their marketing, merchandising and sales efforts."



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