Thai CPG provider adopts Jesta I.S. Vision Suite

Bangkok, Thailand -- Berli Jucker PLC, (BJC), a Thailand-based provider of CPG goods, is adopting the Vision Suite enterprise platform from Jesta I.S. Merchandising and POS solutions are among the Vision technologies BJC is employing.

BJC will leverage the Vision Suite for managing its multi-channel retail operations in Thailand and Vietnam. Upon implementation, BJC will have an end-to-end integrated system delivering greater ability to analyze store strategy and visibility over retail decisions.

“One of our biggest goals was to partner with a global solution provider that can bring business expertise, implementation agility, and a technology platform to help us become a leading retailer in the entire Asian region,” said Phidsanu Pongwatana, senior VP, Berli Jucker PLC. “The Vision Suite will help us implement best business practices, and deliver business performance visibility during the critical initial stages of the retail business rollout in Thailand and Vietnam.”


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