ThinkGeek to take the Internet to San Diego Comic-Con

FAIRFAX, Va. — is taking the merchandise it offers on its e-commerce site to Booth #5541 at the San Diego Comic-Con, from July 17-21.

The Internet retailer will offer con-exclusive merchandise such as Minecraft Gold Swords and Pickaxes, Portal 2 Deco Starfield Turrets and Bravest Warrior pin packs and party masks, as well as a wide selection of other ThinkGeek merchandise, including a gold- and silver-plated working Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote from the Eleventh Doctor which will surely have Doctor Who fans and cosplayers flocking to the booth like companions to a glowing TARDIS. ThinkGeek will also offer most of the con-exclusive items on its e-commerce site while supplies last.

ThinkGeek is a wholly owned subsidiary of Geeknet, Inc. Since 1999, ThinkGeek has offered apparel, toys and gadgets to its niche, but ever-growing, market.

The company leverages social media, most notably its Twitter feed and its YouTube channel, to engage existing and potential consumers and offer incentives, such as discounts or buy one-get one offers, to drive traffic to its site. Once on the site, shoppers can sign up for ‘Geek Mail’ to receive email blasts that showcase new merchandise, sales or discounts with offer codes and if they register free they can keep wish lists on the site. The company also offers a loyalty program wherein shoppers can earn ‘Geek Points’ with purchases that they can then redeem later to get free merchandise. 

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