Tompkins survey: Economic weakness and low consumer confidence biggest threats to holiday success

Raleigh, N.C. -- Economic weakness and low consumer confidence, combined with vendor capacity/reliability, are the top threats to business success this peak season, according to a recent Peak Season Trends and Strategies Survey Report by Tompkins Supply Chain Consortium.

“What we found was not surprising, but very real, based on expectations for the upcoming holiday season,” said Chris Ferrell, director of the consortium and author of the report. “Although there are no clear forecasts for the season, companies are doing what they can to brace themselves. They need to see a profit, as well as make sure their customers are satisfied.”

The top five threats ranked by survey respondents are:

1.    Economic weakness/low consumer confidence
2.    Vendor capacity/reliability
3.    Forecast accuracy
4.    Inventory levels
5.    New products/markets/channels

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