Top 10 retail markets for 2011

Find out what markets the report deems strongest

The nation’s capital tops a list of the healthiest retail markets for 2011. The ranking, “ChainLinks/Terranomics Retail Power Rankings for 2011,” is based on the general overall health of a marketplace and includes such factors as overall economic indicators, income growth, ongoing construction, rental rate trends, and the amount of retail demand in the market.

“The Washington, D.C., market topped our Power Rankings not only because of the region’s low unemployment and shopping center vacancy rates, but because of continued high levels of retailer demand,” said Garrick Brown, research director, ChainLinks Retail Advisors, Burlingame, Calif., a leading retail real estate advisory services organization.

Here are the 10 markets the report deems the strongest for 2011:

1. Washington, D.C.
2. San Francisco
3. New York City
4. Boston
5. San Diego
6. San Jose/South Bay
7. Baltimore
8. Philadelphia
9. Seattle
10. Pittsburgh

The Power Rankings are part of ChainLinks Retail Advisors Spring 2011 National Retail report, which details trends impacting retail commercial real estate in the nation’s top markets ( report/).

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