Toys ‘R’ Us details sustainable initiatives in new and remodeled stores

Wayne, N.J. – Toys “R” Us has implemented a number of sustainable initiatives that conserve energy, minimize waste, and reduce its stores’ overall impact on the environment while diminishing the company’s carbon footprint.

The chain said that its new and renovated “R”Us locations include a combination of the following sustainable features:

  • A state-of-the-art energy management system that monitors environmental conditions and adjusts temperature, lighting and CO2 levels throughout the store in order to utilize natural light and reduce energy consumption;
  • A custom daylight harvesting system, which includes a number of design components, such as skylights, cutting-edge dimmable fixtures and lighting sensors that reduce up to 50% of electric lighting energy used during the day;
  • Energy-efficient LED fixtures in outdoor signage instead of florescent signage, which increase energy savings and reduce toxic materials and maintenance costs; 
  • Low-flow water closets and urinals and automatic faucets and flush valves, which conserve water;
  • High efficiency automatic hand dryers that use 80% less energy than standard hand dryers while eliminating the need for paper towel products and therefore lessening the impact on landfills;
  • A cardboard baler that facilitates recycling and reduces the impact on landfills;
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint and floor adhesive are used during construction because they produce little odor during application and no lingering odor once cured;
  • A vestibule entry way system that reduces the amount of outside contaminants being tracked into the store interior, while helping to improve indoor air quality; and
  • White reflective roof that significantly reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the building which, in turn, reduces the building’s energy requirement for cooling.


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