Toys ‘R’ Us to double work force for holidays

Wayne, N.J. Toys “R” Us plans to hire approximately 45,000 seasonal employees to staff its Toys “R” Us and Toys “R” Us Express pop-up stores in the United States this holiday season, essentially doubling its domestic work force.

This number is greater than the total workforce the company hired during each of the last three holiday shopping seasons due to the addition of 600 new Toys “R” Us Express stores. In previous holiday seasons, the company has hired approximately 35,000 toy-trained employees to help gift-givers find the right toy for the children on their lists this Christmas.

Of the 45,000 total hired, 35,000 employees will staff the company’s 587 traditional Toys “R” Us stores, while the company will continue to fill 10,000 positions at approximately 600 Toys “R” Us Express stores in malls and other shopping centers. Seasonal workers will also be hired in the company’s nine distribution centers across the country.

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