Transportation Insight introduces e-commerce logistics solutions

Hickory, N.C. --Third-party logistics (3PL) provider Transportation Insight is introducing a line of end-to-end e-commerce solutions. As a full-service 3PL providing domestic transportation, international logistics and warehousing services, Transportation Insight collaborates with e-commerce clients' existing transportation departments.  

The strategic partnership uses the best of the shipper's historic practices and advanced third-party logistics processes to achieve cost reductions, improve supply chain visibility and enhance customer service.

Transportation Insight's e-commerce solutions include:

• Co-managed logistics that allow shippers to retain control of their current carrier relationships while utilizing Transportation Insight's logistics expertise and experience.

• Insight TMS: A cloud-based transportation management solution that offers total supply chain visibility so retailers know where their products are at all times and can ensure tighter delivery windows.

• Freight invoice audit and payment.

• Business intelligence: Comprehensive reporting solutions that help identify business trends and uncover opportunities for continuous improvement.

• Insight Fusion: A cloud-based portal that assimilates data from multiple disparate sources – including operational data, supply chain data and others – to deliver analytics on demand and enable companies to see all key performance metrics in one location at any time.

• Supply Chain analytics for advanced network modeling to optimize the supply chain network, lower costs and streamline operations.

"The new supply chain trend for retailers is rapidly becoming anytime, anywhere shopping, purchasing, delivery and returns, creating significant new demands on the retail supply chain," said Rick Brumett, Transportation Insight VP of client solutions. "Consumers want their orders at their homes by the next day, or they will order products from someone who can meet their delivery schedules. Transportation Insight will discuss the latest strategies and solutions for omni-channel excellence that reduce delivery costs and focus on meeting customer expectations regarding the delivery experience."

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