U.K. shopping mall deploys ‘virtual’ employee

Cambridge, U.K. -- Grafton Shopping Centre, Cambridge, is hoping to dazzle shoppers with a “virtual” employee who greets customers when they enter the mall. The shopping center is using the Tensator Virtual Assistant, innovative technology which projects a life-like image of a person.

The display interacts with customers, answering common questions and promoting mall offers. This is the very first use of the technology in a United Kingdom shopping mall.

“We are proud to introduce the newest addition to our team. She is the first of her kind in a U.K. shopping centre and we believe she will be a real help to all our customers. Cambridge is known as the Silicon Fen for its new technology and we are proud to be introducing innovation in Cambridge’s popular retail destination,” said centre manager Lance Stanbury.

The Virtual Assistant has been supplied by customer journey technology specialist Tensator.


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