Unilever uses Terra Technology for optimization in Europe

NORWALK, Conn. — Consumer goods manufacturer Unilever has implemented Terra Technology’s Demand Sensing and Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization solutions across Europe. These implementations are improving forecast accuracy and helping to create a more agile and efficient supply chain, contributing to significantly lower inventory and improved on-shelf availability.

“Unilever implemented Demand Sensing and Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization in Europe after a successful implementation in North America,” said Fabrizio Bortolotti, European Planning Director, Unilever. “More accurate forecasting and better inventory management complements our lean manufacturing strategies, allowing us to capture growth opportunities and optimize service to our customers without the risk of carrying excess inventory.”

Robert Byrne, president and CEO of Terra Technology: “I started my career at Unilever, so I am particularly gratified that Unilever relies on Terra’s solutions to help improve customer service, lower costs and delight consumers.”


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