Uniqlo Pop-Ups

Uniqlo is popping-up all over Manhattan. As the prelude to the opening of its Fifth Avenue global flagship in October, the Japanese apparel retailer opened four temporary “Brand Shops” around the city. Each location is cleverly designed and smartly outfitted.

In addition, the retailer has opened six mobile pop-ups, called Uniqlo Cubes, that can fit into a variety of spaces. Four are traveling the city and making appearances at special events, and two are located next to the outdoor roller-skating rink below the High Line pedestrian walkway on the city’s West Side. (Uniqlo is also the sponsor of the rink, open July through September). The white cube-like structures, 64 sq. ft. each, were designed by HWKN, New York City, have a high-tech surface that glows brightly at night. Once the cube is put into its location, a section of the form slides open like a vault, allowing customers to enter.

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