U.S. mobile commerce sales predicted to top $3.4 billion in 2010

New York City -- Mobile online shopping (excluding travel) in the United States is expected to more than double, to total more than $3.4 billion by year’s end, according to ABI Research. Travel-related purchases (airline tickets, hotels, etc.) will add another $1.5 billion.

Mobile online shopping growth in the United States has been fueled this year by the massive migration of consumers to smartphones, the explosion of highly innovative use-cases deployed by retailers and third-party players, and a significant shift in consumer behavior as more consumers choose mobile shopping over traditional online shopping,” commented ABI senior analyst Mark Beccue.

In Japan, where mobile online shopping has been commonplace for several years, mobile is responsible for nearly 17% of all e-commerce sales. But the success of mobile online shopping will not be confined to the United States and Japan. In 2015, ABI Research believes, mobile online shopping will be responsible for $163 billion in sales globally, 12% of global e-commerce turnover.

Mobile marketing practice director Neil Strother added, “Beyond direct sales generated via mobile, innovative retailers will use mobile online shopping to introduce a broad- range of mobile marketing campaigns and CRM programs.”

ABI Research’s new “Mobile Commerce” study forecasts sales generated by mobile by region, plus verticals in the U.S. market such as apparel, consumer electronics, books/DVDs, travel and entertainment tickets. The report also presents details of evolving consumer behavior and use-cases for mobile commerce.

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