Verizon readies new enterprise cloud solution

New York – Verizon is preparing for the fourth quarter beta release of Verizon Cloud, its new cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform and cloud-based object storage service. With this service, Verizon hopes to combine the agility and economic benefit of a generic public cloud with the reliability and scale of an enterprise-level service, along with a high degree of control of performance.

Verizon Cloud has two main components: Verizon Cloud Compute and Verizon Cloud Storage. Verizon Cloud Compute is the IaaS platform. Verizon Cloud Storage is an object-based storage service.

“We are putting control and choice back in the hands of the user, while still addressing their needs for availability, performance and security,” said John Considine, CTO of Verizon Terremark. “We started from scratch, building the core components we felt necessary to achieve that goal.”

These new cloud services are supported by Verizon’s global IP network, global data centers and managed security services. Verizon also offers hosting, managed hosting and colocation services.


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