Vibes and Build-A-Bear Workshop in successful mobile campaign

Chicago -- Vibes, a mobile marketing and technology company, announced the results of a successful mobile campaign aimed at engaging and increasing Build-A-Bear Workshop’s customer base through their mobile phones.
This first-to-market Passbook solution from Vibes, which leveraged Passbook's location-enabled push notification feature, drove Build-A-Bear Workshop shoppers to the stores to claim a promotional offer via coupon code or pass. The initiative resulted in a 58.7% pass install rate among iOS 6 users and an overall click-through rate of 5.3%.
"Vibes quickly built an easy-to-use, dynamic solution, leveraging the latest technology, to offer our brand a new and relevant way to engage with our loyal subscriber base,” said Teresa Kroll, Build-A-Bear Workshop chief marketing officer. “At Build-A-Bear Workshop, the experience our guests have while in one of our stores is one of the things that makes us unique, so having the ability to leverage the location-based feature in Passbook was ideal for a mobile campaign. This added relevance and immediacy to the offer and provided real value to our loyal Guests, which is extremely important to us."

The campaign, which ran from Oct. 27 through Oct. 31, sought to achieve a few goals: notify the existing subscriber base of a new short code, re-engage loyal Build-A-Bear Workshop Guests and drive traffic to one of its 288 stores in North America. To achieve these goals, Vibes and Build-A-Bear Workshop sent an alert via SMS to the existing subscriber base notifying them of the new short code and expressing appreciation through a timely offer. The promotion was available to both iOS 6 and non-iOS 6 users, and led to either a location-enabled pass for Passbook or a mobile Web-based offer. Vibes both designed and executed the Passbook offer via its Catapult mobile marketing platform.

The campaign had a 58.7% pass download rate among iOS 6 users and overall click-through rate of 5.3%. In addition to engaging its loyal customers, Build-A-Bear Workshop experienced a consistent stream of foot traffic from those customers who received the offer; more than 5% of non-iOS 6 users and 4% of iOS 6 users redeemed the offer in-store.


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